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Love this article stressing how important family meals are! I am a firm believer in having dinner together as a family as often as possible.

Growing up, dinner was at 6pm every night with everybody - NO TV, NO PHONE. I’ve kept that ritual with my hubby and son.

Do you have a day or time to clean up the car? I do it whenever I’m waiting at the gas station. I always keep a plastic bag or two in the glove box.

Beer butt Rosemary ChickenWhile the name is funny, I love this recipe! I have rosemary in the garden and beer in the fridge.

Ahhh, a weekly schedule. I have one, do you?

Fantastic list of arts & crafts resources to keep the kids busy!

Not just a review, but links to giveaways!

I love this article - the best quote: the idea is to approach your role in your home with the same passion, commitment and professionalism as you would any other job.